This amazing site will enable you to make money by selling your accounts in known Android games! Play and win

In this new post I will participate in a great site will enable you to make money by selling your accounts on the famous games, most of us after finishing all stages of any game he deleted without knowing that his account in that game has a financial value, so after you read this post will be able to Make some dollars by playing only. 
All you have to do is go to the site through the link below the post, then register it and you can register your account on Facebook or Gmail, then go to the games page, which you will find link below the post also, and you will notice a large number of games that you can sell your accounts, Select the game you own and click on the icon shown in the following image:
Now write down a description of the account you own (the level - the number of coins ...) and write the amount you want to get for the account, and know that the smaller the amount you guarantee the sale quickly 
we now go to the method of withdrawing profits after the sale, Is to click on the amount you have at the top and click on the profit withdrawal icon as shown in the picture:
Now select the payment method and the site has 27 payment methods, write the amount you want to withdraw and your email and wait for 24 hours and you will get paid. 
Note : You can also search for game accounts in Google and sell them on this site. Linkup
Page link available on all games: AllGames



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