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Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds, and peace and blessings be 

upon our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions. Now:
It was proven from the Prophet ﷺ that evidence that he was at the beginning of ablution washed his hands three times with the intention of ablution, and he is called because he is the project, and it was narrated from him ﷺ in many ways that he said: No ablution for those who did not mention the name of God upon him [1].

It is prescribed for the ablutionist to call God at the beginning of ablution, and some scholars have enjoined this with dhikr, so if he forgot or ignorance, then there is no embarrassment. Once, then washed his legs with heels three times, starts with the right, and if he is limited to one or two times, then there is nothing wrong with that; Because the Prophet ﷺ performed ablution once and twice twice and three times, and perhaps some of his organs were washed twice and some of them three times, and this indicates that the matter has capacity and praise be to God, but the trinity is better, and this is if there is no urine or feces, if something happened, then he starts to do the ablution and then perform ablution The ablution mentioned.
As for the wind, sleep, touching the vulva, and eating camel meat, all of this does not prescribe to him to seek salutation. Rather, the legal ablution that we have mentioned is sufficient. And make me one of the purified to prove that on the authority of the Prophet ﷺ, and it is prescribed for someone who performs ablution to pray two rak'ahs and is called the year of ablution, and if he prays after ablution, the regular year has ceased from the year of ablution.

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